Friday, July 27, 2012

Surprise for American Fisherwoman!

In this video American fisherwoman, Sarah Brame is fighting a roughly 3kg fish from a small dock in an inland estuary in southern United States when the extraordinary happened – a giant bull shark attacks. As Sarah dragged her catch toward the dock, a friend took a swipe at it with a long handle net but missed. When he lifted the net up for the woman to try to get the fish closer, the shark appeared, violently striking the fish.

Completely shocked, Sarah remains focused enough to continue holding the rod despite the fact that for a brief moment, there was a giant bull shark on the other end of it. 

Bull sharks are considered by many to be the most dangerous of any other species of shark. They will reportedly attack just about anything  in the water. 

Bull sharks are unusual in that they can thrive in both salt- and freshwater. They have been recorded up 2,200 miles inland up the Amazon River and in the United States, have been found as far inland as Illinois after travelling more than 1,800 miles up the Mississippi River.

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