Monday, June 4, 2012

Rapala Barra Magnum Tribute

Regular guest contributor Rhett Thorne from Mad Keen Yak Angling  talks barra lures from Rapala!

Over the years many lures have stood up to the challenge of the iconic barramundi, though few have impacted the way we target these excellent sportfish like the Rapala Barra Magnum.

The Rapala Barra Magnum 'Nordic Perch' colour
This lure is tough as nails, being constructed of the very durable Abachi wood and fitted with VMC Perma Steel hooks. The enhanced deep diving lip design allows the lure to dig deep into the structure to draw out any hungry predators.

This Big Barra smashed the BMAG11 when it was slowly twitched in the snags.
 One of the most deadly retrieves is to cast the Barra Magnum as far into the snags as possible, crank it down into the ‘strike zone’ and give it a sharp twitch and pause. The key to this retrieve is to impart a darting action like a wounded baitfish, without moving the lure out of the snags. If the lure hits a snag, it will float out, in a backwards motion on the pause, due to its positive buoyancy. It is very important you keep slight tension of the line during the pause, as most barra will smash the lure as it rises out of the structure.

This lure has proven itself on countless occasions, though all good things must come to an end.

Unfortunately for the Rapala Barra Magnum the end is near, with the lure being discontinued by the end of 2012. The guys at Rapala VMC have decided to release the old favourite colours, as well as some unseen ones, in the final run of the Barra Magnum. Check with your local Rapala dealer to get your hands on the limited edition Rapala BMAG11 while stocks last.

As the door closes on the BMAG11 era, another is opened with the release of the Storm Thunder Barra. This is one of the new and improved barramundi lures by Rapala VMC and has quickly made its mark on more than a few barramundi over the last season. If you loved the Rapala Barra Magnum, the Thunder Barra will have you begging for water in no time.

A salty silver barra taken on the Storm Thunder Barra Lure

Words and Pics: Rhett Thorne - reproduced with permission. Read more from Rhett's at Mad Keen Yak Angling.

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