Thursday, May 31, 2012

Alvey reels – an Aussie icon

For many of us, especially those that grew up in Queensland, our first fishing memories include using an iconic Alvey side cast reel. Alvey Reels Australia has been producing their side cast reels for over 80 years.

It all started in 1920 when Charles Alvey, an English migrant, developed a simple, durable reel from wood and cast gun metal that was easy to maintain and would cast great distances.
Four generations later, under the direction of Bruce and Glenn Alvey, the great grandsons of Charles, Alvey continues to manufacture and supply, not only reels but whole range of quality fishing equipment such as rods, bait pumps, bait buckets, fishing bags, pliers, tackle boxes and rod buckets.

 Rob Duncan sales manager for Alvey Reels Australia gave Fishmax a tour of their Carole Park factory. Here skilled and dedicated staff, apply the latest technologies in fiberglass, carbon fibre and graphite materials, to manufacture the simple to use, reliable and rugged reels, we are all used to. Metal lathes, hydraulic presses and injection moulders are used to produce all the parts required to build over 60 different models.

Alvey products have always had a reputation for being durable but not wanting to rest on their laurels, the company strives to constantly improve and innovate. Before a model is released it undergoes extensive testing and then limited release until feedback proves the new model is a winner. While the company still produces stainless steel backing plates, ultra tough graphite has become most common. Graphite reduces weight considerable but is so tough that Rob even has a video of him on you tube driving over it with a 4wd drive with absolutely no damage.

Innovation is continuous. For example, the new turbo cast release mechanism which is lighter than metal, tougher and not affected by corrosion.
With such dedication to innovation and ‘best practise’ manufacturing standards fishermen can be confident a new Alvey will handle sun, sand and saltwater and give virtually a lifetime of great fishing.

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  1. The first rig that was "my own" was an Alvey side caster passed down to me by my uncle terry. Caught some great fish with that gear and had lots of fun.