Friday, March 30, 2012

190 Year Old Fishing Record Smashed

Many fishermen lament that the fish just aren't as big or as prolific as in the old days, and the fact that some records have stood for years seems to give proof to that.  And of course there's heaps of scientific evidence supporting fisher's concerns. Some also had their doubts about the accuracy of very old records, as perhaps the conversion from old measurements to new, advances in measuring equipment and  the fact that we are lot less inclined to trust another's word as to how big the fish actually was then perhaps gentlemen did in the old days all could have an impact.

Man Catches Record Pike after 190 Years

In the face of all that, it's great to hear of the English Fisherman who brought down a 190 year old pike record near  Scarborough, England.

Andy O'Connor a 20 year old novice fisherman landed a 46 lb pike earlier this week. The pike – nicknamed the Wykeham Whacke,   equalled the record that was set in 1822 by CF Gifford in Brewood, Staffordshire.

A spokesman from the Pike Anglers Club of Great Britain, told the media that  ‘Andy has set the equal record for the biggest pike caught in England. " A record set 190 years ago by CF Gifford in Brewood, England. ‘Obviously the 1822 catch can’t be authenticated, unlike Andy’s, but the story of it has stood the test of time.’ However Mr O’Connor’s catch is still 13oz off the current British record which was set by Roy Lewis in Llandegfedd, Wales, in 1992.

Read more of this very large Pike catch in the UK press: Click here .

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