Thursday, November 24, 2011

Swainston's Fishes of Australia

Oustanding reference guide
Scientist, Artist and Author Roger Swainston says "Over many years I have had the opportunity to see and handle an enormous variety of fishes; always looking at them with one eye as a scientist, the other as an artist… I always return to fishes and remain captivated by their astounding diversity and beauty."

Roger Swainston has taken both his poetic words and his breathtaking artwork in  to print with "Swainston’s Fishes of Australia-the complete illustrated guide" from Penguin. This beautiful book makes an outstanding reference guide to Ausralian fish and provides a fascinating overview of the extraordinary diversity of Australia's marine and freshwater fishes, including describing all 346 fish families currently known to be living in Australian waters, and listing the 4500 species that exist within these families.

The book provides an overview of the amazing diversity of these fishes, and an understanding of each species'place in the interconnecting web of Australia's marine and freshwater ecosystems.

One of the most recognised artists of sea creatures Roger Swainston creates many of his illustrations while underwater, where he spends hours observing, photographing and drawing aquatic life forms in their natural environment. Using graphite and plastic on a specially designed underwater drawing board to capture the scene, his awe-inspiring drawings have a perspective and detail not possible to capture with photography - they are so lifelike they seem ready to swim off the page.

Presenting more than 1500 illustrations, alongside information on taxonomy and biology, Roger’s latest book represents the culmination of his life work to date. Swainston’s Fishes of Australia is much more that a reference book for Australia’s remarkable array of aquatic life forms it is a work of art beautifully executed with minute detail.

To look at an extract of this outstanding Australian fish encyclopedia, click here.

you can buy Swainston's Fishes of Australia at leading book stores or online- RRP$125.

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