Monday, November 14, 2011

Hook 'Em and Shoot 'Em? Only in America

Rifle or Fishing Rod? It's Both!
We love some of the crazy fishing gear that comes out of the USA. American fishermen just seem to have a knack of coming up with the wackiest and craziest fishing products around. The latest addition to our "only in America" file, is the  Ultralight Rifle and Fishing Rod from Mountain View Machine and Welding in Logan Utah.

These nifty rifle and fishing rod combo weighs less than 500g and contains a .22 caliber single-shot bolt-action rifle but wait, there's more! Simply screw the fishing reel onto the pistol grip, and extend the rod from the stock and you've got yourself a survival tool that would beat the Leatherman or Swiss Army Knife hands down [Ed: at least, it would beat them in a gun fight!]

The fishing rod and rifle combo is apparently light and easy to carry, and being made of aluminum and carbon fiber its weather resistant too. This fishing rod/rifle could be yours for just US$425 package, assuming that customs lets it in to the country that is.

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