Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Amazing Fishing Stories

Full of Great Fishing Stories
One of the great bonds the word wide brotherhood of fishermen share is the love of a cracking good fishing yarn. Many of these fishing stories are passed around by word of mouth, but occassionally a writer collects some of the best and writes these fishing stories down in a book, and Amazing Fishing Stories: Incredible Tales from Stream to Open Sea by Paul Knight is the latest of these.

Knight is an Englishman and the stories in this fishing yarns book are written from that perspective, but it's a rivetting read for the Aussie fisherman none the less. There’s stories from every style of fishing, from the magic touch of the fly to blood and thunder battles with monsters of the deep.

The publisher's blurb summarises the stories - "Shiver at ghostly tales from the river bank and marvel at incredible exploits with rod and line. There are stories of the ones that got away as well as catches that set records. Discover the macabre ground bait used in some corners of the world and relive the excitement of that first thrilling tug on the line. Encounter the wide array of wildlife that can come between you and your catch, including bears, birds of prey and killer whales. The adventures of fishermen young and old, novice and experienced are shared, ensuring there is an anecdote for everyone."

There’s a wonderfully broad array of sport covered by Amazing Fishing Adventures by Paul Knight including:

·         Salmon
·         Sea Trout
·         Conger
·         Shark
·         Mahseer
·         Tuna
·         Permit
·         Tarpon
·         Marlin
·         Bonefish

 And even though he is English, the locations for these fishing adventures range right around the world, with destinations such as:
·         Australia
·         Nova Scotia
·         Great Britain
·         Venezuela
·         Russia
·         Caribbean
·         Alaska
·         India
·         Florida
·         Africa

In this collection of fishing stories,
Paul Knight has brought together a treasure trove of stories from a wide array of sources and invested them with a drama and excitement that makes this great reading for all fishermen, everywhere. and it would make a great gift, particularly for the older fisherman.

Knight himself is a lifelong fishing enthusiast and has worked within the sport all his life. He is Chief Executive of the Salmon and Trout Association and has written for a range of fishing magazines for more than 20 years.
Thanks to the publishers, Wiley Nautical, we have 5 copies of Amazing Fishing Stories: Incredible Tales from Stream to Open Sea by Paul Knight to give away. Simply send an email to readers@fishmax.com.au with the book's title in the subject line before 5.00pm 15 November 2011 to go in the draw.

Amazing Fishing Adventures: Incredible Tales from Stream to Open Sea
By Paul Knight Published by Wiley Nautical, November 2011ISBN: 978-1-1199-7033-0, Hardback, AU$27.95

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