Thursday, September 22, 2011

Record Tuna Taken on Fly Off Christmas Island

Englishman Chris Cook recently landed a record-breaking Tuna while fishing of Christmas Island with a camera crew shooting a short fly fishing movie called Casting at Shadows. The 128 lb yellowfin tuna is the largest fish of its kind caught using fly-fishing methods according to the International Game Fish Association (record pending confirmation).

"Initially we were thinking it was a shark." said Cook. ""I was shocked because we hadn't gone out to catch a fish that big, so this was a nice surprise to be able to incorporate into the film.The sheer size of it was scary at first and it cast a huge shadow."

It took Cook three hours to reel in the giant yellowfin tuna, and three of the crew had to help to drag it into the boat after tying a rope round its tail. Cook's was on Christmas Island filming from June 30 to July 15 and was intending the movie to be a feature about bonefish and giant trevally but he is delighted to include his record yellowfin.

"[Christmas Island] is one of the most stunning and remote fishing destinations in the world." Cook said. "It took us two days to get there but it was worth the effort."

Casting at Shadows shows Cook fly fishing for Bonefish, Giant Trevally, Sharks and a lot more in one of the most untouched and stunning locations the world has to offer. Available online here or view the trailer below.

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