Friday, September 23, 2011

Kiwi Fisherman eats $100K Tuna

Monster Bluefin Tuna caught in NZ
We've got an enormous amount of respect for our fishing brothers "across the ditch" and an enormous amount of envy towards one particular Kiwi Fisherman.

New Zealand fisherman Jeremy Walker caught a monster bluefin tuna on Monday weighing in at an amazing 305.8 kg and valued at about NZ$100,000 (about AU$80,000) if it had been sold at a Tokyo fish market.

The massive bluefine tuna was hooked on a game fishing trip off Westport in the South Island and locals are calling it a "once in a lifetime fish". Walker isn't planning to sell it though, telling media that , he's got plans to bbq the fish and eat it.

See more of this very big NZ tuna in the video below.

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