Sunday, May 15, 2011

Celebrity Interview - Casey Stoner talks fishing

Exlcusive FishMax Interview

Born and raised in Southport Queensland, its hardly surprising that 2008 Young Australian of the Year and Repsol Honda MotoGP Team shining light Casey Stoner loves to fish. One of his earliest memories is catching a 2kg rainbow trout on his 4th birthday. While Stoner has stated that he would prefer to shun the limelight and would prefer to let his riding style do the talking, he was happy to talk to FishMax exlusively about his other passion - fishing.

Stoner has been fishing since he was a boy

FM: Catch and release or take home to eat?
CS: Depends on the fish. For me 98% of the time I catch and release, I just enjoy being out there and try to take care of the fish as best I can, but sometimes when it’s the right time to go home and have a fresh meal – there’s nothing like it.

FM: Where is your favourite fishing spot?
CS: I’m not sure I have one! There are two many types of fish too many forms of fishing that I enjoy. There are lots of regular places I return to, but it depends on my mood.

FM: Your best fishing story?
CS: A story is hard… But I went up to Darwin last year with good friends of mine Jason Wilhelm, Chaz Davies and Carl Jocumsen to fish with some guys up there which was an awesome trip with some good mates and we had an awesome few days.

FM: Favourite fish recipe (either describe the dish or give the recipe if you prefer)?
CS: The best way I like to cook a fish is very simple – in some breadcrumbs with some herbs and fresh lemon.

FM: What’s the biggest fish you’ve caught?
CS: That’s probably my 103cm Mondurin Barra…

FM: How often do you go fishing?
CS: As often as possible! In Switzerland I have a nice stream running past the house so I try and go after some nice little trout there. Basically every opportunity I get, I try and fish.

FM: Where is the most exotic place you’ve been fishing?
CS: Apart from lots of places in Australia, probably in Kruger National Park in South Africa.

FM: Do you have a fishing tip you’re willing to share?
CS: Practice casting! This is a must…. It makes all the difference.

Words: Stevo Perry Pics: Team Honda and Casey's personal albums

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