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Celebrity Fishing Interview - Steve Johnson talks fishing and family

Exclusive FishMax Interview

Some sons shy away from following dad in to the family career, but Steve Johnson is not one of them. Now  one of V8 Supercars' most experienced drivers and steering car #17, made famous by his father, Dick Johnson, Steve continues to be one of the the most consistent drivers in Australian Motor Sport.

But a love of motor sport is not the only think Steve got from his dad. Both are keen fishermen and family mean. Steve recently answered some questions for us on what fishing means to him.

FM: What’s your earliest fishing memory?

SJ: With my Mum, Dad and sister Kelly, sitting on the back of our first boat in the Gold Coast broadwater - after we’d hit a sandbank!

FM: Catch and release or take home to eat?

SJ: Depends on the fish and the reason I go fishing. I sometimes go for the fun of it, so I catch and release. Other times I catch and release mostly, but keep a few to cook up at home. I'm really fussy on what I keep and only make sure I keep just what I want to eat.

FM: Where is your favourite fishing spot?

SJ: Barra fishing up in Darwin is awesome fun. Also scoping for good bream in creeks, under bridges, against pylons or old jetties is great fun also.
FM: Your best fishing story?

SJ: Sitting on the back of our boat which was backed into the beach. We were peeling prawns and throwing the shells into the water. Dad was knee deep in the water doing the same. I saw a huge bream swimming past Dad and yelled "Look at that huge Bream, Dad" Dad then reached down into the water and caught the Bream with his hands and calmly said "That's real fishing, son" He then proceeded to tell me how to catch a fish by hand for the next half an hour. I then saw something sticking out it's mouth. It had got a prawn head stuck in it's throat and couldn't swim properly. It tasted good that night though. And Dad thought it was his super fast reflexes!! Ha ha!

FM: Favourite fish recipe?

SJ: I love fish pretty basic, just grilled with some fresh lemon juice over it. Also a favourite of mine is my wife's crispy Skin Salmon that she cooks. Mmmmm yum. My mouth is starting to water.

FM: What’s the biggest fish you’ve caught?

SJ: Not sure of the biggest but I did catch and release a flathead which was just over 6kgs and just under 1m long - 98cm.  Also caught a Barramundi which was just under 1m long and weighed 17kgs on a trip I did just before the Darwin V8 Supercar round in 2009.

 FM: How often do you go fishing?

SJ: Not often enough. I have a small tinny and have been wanting to take my son Jett out for a while now but things pop up for racing then the next thing I know we are busy for the next month. The goal is to start getting out to do some fishing and crabbing at least once a month throughout our racing season and then weekly over the Christmas and New Year period. I've also been lucky enough to do the celebrity AFC with Matt Hayden, Andy Bichel and a few others, which was great fun. Thanks to my mentor "Scott Towner" and the Berkley guys, we managed to bring home the 1st placed trophy in 2009!

FM: Where is the most exotic place you’ve been fishing?

SJ: Exotic? Not sure about that but I've stayed at Fitzroy Reef a number of times and done some fishing in and around there. It was great fun all-round.

FM: Do you have a fishing tip you’re willing to share?

SJ: Mmmmmmm make sure your mate is not standing behind you when your about to cast!!!!

Words: Stevo Perry Pics: Dick Johnson Racing

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