Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Long Stretch Out at Sea

After a day hard at it out on the water we can all pull up a little stiff. This week guest contributor and qualified personal trainer Luke Scott takes us through a   few stretches specifically chosen for fishermen to stay limber after all those hours on your feet.

Remember the better physically prepared you are in, the better chance you have of lasting that long reel in!

Calf Stretch

Forearm Stretch

Hamstring Stretch

Lat Stretch

Quad Stetch

For all of these stretches it would be best to run through them twice each holding the stretch for around 20 seconds each time.

Doing these stretches regularly, not just when you have been out on the water will really help your overall flexibility and condition. So if when you remember take five minutes and run through these fundamental stretch that cover the main area that can be troubling with a sport such as fishing which requires you to stand for long periods.

Words and pics courtesy of Luke Scott

Luke has been a personal trainer for over 8 years and has been constantly studying to improve his knowledge of human performance. Amongst his certifications, Luke is a ASCA Coach (Level 1) and AWF Coach (Level 1). 

For more information on Luke and his background you can visit his personal trainer profile page at   Luke Scott Personal Trainer. To connect with Luke visit his websiteRevolution Personal Training Melbourne.

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