Saturday, November 20, 2010

Rough weather boating

We’ve probably all at one time or another been caught out boating in conditions that we rather not be in. I remember one old cruising buddy of mine said to me once, “Snap, when the weather’s great, there is no other place on earth where I rather be, but when the weather turns crap, I can think of at least a thousand”.

Well spare a thought for these guys from Safehaven Marine based in Cork, on the south-east coast of Ireland. Manufacturers of pilot and other work boats they wait until they get a nice force 10 or 11 storm to head out to sea trial their new boats. The great thing for us is that they film it, so we can experience it also, without the need for the brown undies.

These machines are awesome and a credit to the men and women of Safehaven Marine. I know if I’m ever caught out in waters like these, I’d feel a lot better in a Safehaven Interceptor. Check out their website and more great videos at

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