Monday, November 15, 2010

Christmas Gift Guide - What Do Blokes Really Want?

Righto, we all know that every Australian bloke is going to get at least 1 shirt this Christmas and we also know that pretty soon the missus is going to take you aside and say one or more of the following:

§                “What do you want the kids/my parents/me to get you for Christmas this year?”
§                 “Have you got something for your dad/brother/ mate Davo yet?” and
§                 “What on earth can I get my dad/sister’s husband/work colleague?”

Grady White Express 360 - The perfect Chrissie gift!
Now we all know that what you really want Santa to bring this year is a new Grady-White Express 360 fully fueled up, with the bait tank and the beer fridge stocked and the outfit crewed by a couple of bonzer sheilas who know how to fillet a flathead, have an instinctive sense of where to hook up the big sportsfish and also look great in a bikini, but in real life, if  you want something other than shirts, socks and jocks under the Christmas tree this year, you better start thinking.

Of course, like all good mates, FishMax is hear to help! This year we’ve put together a handy list of Christmas gift suggestions either for yourself or the other blokes you have responsibilities to.  So if you're looking to spend $50 or less on a christmas gift for a guy, here are some great gift ideas for men under $50. If you want to spend a bit more (or want someone to spend a bit more on you), take a look at these suggestions for mens gifts from $50 and up.

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