Wednesday, September 15, 2010

That's a Big Fish!

While in Canada recently, Stevo and The Snapper King arranged to try something very different for Aussie anglers -  fishing White Sturgeon in the beautiful Fraser River (British Columbia, not far from Vancouver). Unfortunately due to a scheduling conflict, they didn't get the chance, but they've promised they'll be back next year to try their hand.

Why Sturgeon? Because they are HUGE! White Sturgeon are a great fighting fish and catches over over 500 lbs (220kg) are not unheard of. In fact,  the largest White Sturgeon caught on the Fraser River appears to be the one in the photo below, caught in 2005 near Chilliwack, B.C which measured 11 feet and probably weighed about 1,000 pounds according to guide Len Ames.

Sturgeon can be found all across the far reaches of North America, from Mexico to Alaska and have an amazing life-span of up to one hundred years. They are also the biggest fish found in fresh water in the North America. Sturgeon are an incredibly strong species and it requires dedication and strength to catch one.

The Fraser River, in BC is a great place to catch Sturgeon and during peak times (in the Northern Summer) most fish average 50-100 lbs (20 to 45kg)  and 10-20 fish per day is common. Fraser river White Sturgeon are incredible fighters, surface jumps and long screaming runs are common! Catch and release is mandatory for White Sturgeon on the Fraser, and of course, as is usually the case in North America, make sure you have the right type of license.

Apparently this (2010) has been a pretty good year for White Sturgeon on the Fraser River. Check out these examples! The first was caught late in August and the second caught just last week.

Everyone agrees that one of the best outfits around is Silversides Charters, who have been fishing Sturgeon and Salmon for years and really know their stuff. If you're going to be in the area, make sure you give head guide,  Brian McKinlay a call and definitely check out the Silversides Website for some great pics and video.

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