Thursday, September 2, 2010

Off Shore Rods By Fin-Nor

Fin-Nor's reputation for utilising tomorrow’s technology to build the toughest high-performance fishing gear appears to be represented in its latest jigging rods. When you pick up the strongest model in the Fin-Nor Offshore Jig range, it’s hard to believe something that weighs so little can handle 80lb so easily. But that’s exactly what it does!

Fin-Nor construct the Offshore Jig rods using the latest high-modulus carbon graphite technology to create blanks that are 50 per cent stronger than carbon graphite rods used by other brands. The manufacturer says its a complicated process that uses different nano-technology to increase the strength of the material. Put simply: it makes it possible for less to be able to lift more. Fin-Nor make the most of this incredible strength by matching these blanks with the latest Fuji Alconite guides and Fuji reel seats, plus grips shaped for fish-fighting comfort.

The results of this leading technology are great value jigging rods that reduce angler fatigue, yet have ample power to take on the biggest kingfish, samsons, dogtooth and anything else that dares to pick a fight with these sticks.

The six-rod range includes a 30lb, 50lb and 80lb in both spin and overhead formats.

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