Monday, August 16, 2010

Review - Fridge to Go Cooler Bags

Keeping your bait, beer and lunch (in that order) cool and fresh can be a challenge.

We've recently been trialling the Fridge-To-Go range of cooler bags and it seems that this product is an improvement on what has previously been in the market. No power or ice bricks required to keep things cool and in tests, it out performed other bags, keeping 24 cans of cola below 4 degrees when the outside temp was 24 degrees. Its all got to do with some patented technology, which, to be honest, I don't think I understand - but who cares as it seems to work!

The manufacturer claims that these bags will keep food and drink cool and fresh for up to eight hours, and our field tests, even on hot days, seem to support this.

Like some other soft skinned cooler bags, it contains a couple of removable cooling panels which you place in the freezer. When its time to go, put the panels in the specially designed slots in the cooler bag, drop in your bait, sangers or what ever and away you go.

The Fridge-To-Go Cooler bags come in a range of colours and sizes, from a "small lunch box size" to the Roller Fridge 36 Cooler Bag. A word of warning - these bags are not cheap, the largest size retails for just over $100 but if you consider how much a good cooler bag can improve your day out fishing, then we think its worth it.

The Fridge-To-Go cooler bag is of sturdy design, and our one complaint from a design point of view, is that the strap that holds the bag flat when its time to pack it away is not attached, so I was forever picking it up off the ground or looking for it.


Fridge-­‐To-­‐Go® Single Bottle Tote cooler bag -$17.95

Fridge-­‐To-­‐Go® 2-­‐Bottle Tote cooler bag - $32.95

Fridge-­‐To-­‐Go® Small Lunch cooler bag - $27.95

Fridge-­‐To-­‐Go® Medium Lunch cooler bag - $32.95

Fridge-­‐to-­‐Go Mini Fridge 6 lunch cooler bag - $29.95

Fridge-­‐to-­‐Go Mini Fridge 12 cooler and wine cooler bag - $38.95

Fridge-­‐to-­‐Go Roller Fridge 36 cooler bag - $105.95

Fridge-­‐to-­‐Go Beverage Fridge single wine bottle cooler - $29.95

Fridge-­‐to-­‐Go Coolzie stubby holder cooler - $10.95

Fridge-­‐to-­‐Go Diabetic Travel Wallet cooler bag - $36.95

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