Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New Rovex Depth Finder Braid

We've just picked up some of the new Rovex Depth Finder Braid, the new multi-coloured braid from Jarvis Walker brands that tells you how deep your line is.

Depth Finder Braid is made using advanced Y6 Digital Braiding Technology, which the manufacturer claims creates arguably the best performing braided line available. It has even strength and holds its shape perfectly for packing neatly on your spool, which it says will make casting distance and accuracy easier. The tight high-quality weave provides excellent sensitivity and abrasion resistance.

In addition to the qualities of the line itself, Depth Finder features a multi-coloured finish, making it a great jigging and trolling braid. The colour changes every 10m with lengths of five different colours to indicate how much line is out. Rovex also thought to mark every metre with a small flash of highly-visible yellow, for ultimate fishing accuracy. Good thinking.

Rovex Depth Finder would appear to be ideal for ensuring jigs and baits are fished in the strike zone.

Rovex Depth Finder Braid is available in 300yd and 600yd spools in breaking strains from 13kg (30lb) to 45kg (100lb).

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