Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My Big Nobby

Being a member of a local fishing club, I try to get offshore looking for the elusive big red nobbies as often as I can. Our fishing club uses Noosa Bluewater Charters. Skipper Alex and his decky Chuckie know where to find the big ones and we always have a great day out.

Early one beautiful November morning last year, we headed out to one of our regular fishing spots at North Reef and being a very keen angler, my line was the first to hit the bottom. Within a few seconds bang, one very hungry snapper took the bait. He not only took the bait but ran with it tangling another person’s line. That was when it became interesting. I knew I had a big one on and waited patiently, but nervously, while lines were untangled, hoping all the time that he was going to still be on my line. I think we have all experienced that feeling while fishing.

After much huffing and puffing on my part, I got this big nobby to the surface, no mean feat from 40 metres as I’m not that big myself. I yelled out for the landing net but by this time, everyone else it seemed, were too busy hooking up on their own. The next step to landing this beauty was a disaster in progress, as a well meaning fisher person standing next to me decided to help, grabbing my leader and pulling to lift it into the boat. Big mistake, the line snapped and there was my beautiful big snapper lying on the surface of the water just out of my reach. Obviously, I was not the only one tired from this long drawn out ordeal. I was so tempted to jump in after him but instead just stood there looking at him in disbelief.

All was not lost though, as another fisher person placed the tip of his rod under the snapper, holding him there while the landing net was produced to bring him in. Finally he was onboard and my smile was from ear to ear.

Definitely a team effort and the guys still talk about my big nobby. He was 90 cms long and weighed 7½ kgs. My PB (so far). He was caught on Shimano Catana 7' rod and Shimano Baitrunner 6500 reel with a 20 lb line.

Nobby Robby :)

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